read this!!! someone who has experienced a travellers camp near them posted on facebook

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read this!!! someone who has experienced a travellers camp near them posted on facebook

Post by grobymrs67 on Wed Jan 07, 2009 2:27 am

I used to live on Smithy Fen, Cottenham, Cambridge.half a mile from an existing traveller site which to my knowledge, at the time, was small with a established group of people who caused no problems.

The site was then over-run by Irish Travellers who took over the site and forced some of the existing members out.
They more or less took over the village and scared alot of people.

I think through reading some of the comments you dont really know what you could be dealing with.

These travellers are not interested in petty crime or tarmacing your driveway, they are well organised with bringing into the country ' goods ' mainly hidden inside furniture for resale.
On several occasions Eastern European lorries would be lined up awaiting unloading normally in the middle of the night or early morning.
Sofas were then dumped around the local countryside with the bottoms slashed open.

The local roads and High Street became a race track and you were intimidated by their driving manner, constant violent threats and general anti social behaviour.

The local postman ( i believe ) was murdered in the Local pub leaving a young family, when trying to help the landlord remove travellers at closing time.

If you think getting served in the co op or budgens is bad sometimes ....wait till they arrive. They have a total disregard for other people and havent heard of queing or even paying at times. They rely on peoples fear of them not to say something....sorry doesent work with everyone.

Every night whilst trying to get home as soon as I turned onto the Fen you had to be prepared for confrontation.

They were banned from local pubs.... so they opened their own on the site!

The boundaries were extended sometimes encroaching on peoples land. Roads,power,drainage would appear overnight.

Do not expect caravans they will build very large mobile homes with gates walls etc the works.
They will also start buying up land through land agents in and around the local area even putting up their own road signs!!!

Dont mean to scaremonger anyone but this could happen in Groby

Do not call them Gypsies you / us will then be marked with the racial card.

The biggest problem will be the Human Rights Bill ......

Planning will be a joke.

Be prepared for Police Helicopters at night.

Start writing because it will work.

thats it for now.....


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Re: read this!!! someone who has experienced a travellers camp near them posted on facebook

Post by grobyguy on Wed Jan 07, 2009 7:35 am

Thats a really scary story and if you google 'Smith Fen Gypsies' there are no end of news reports to back that up Shocked


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