Reports to back up the proposal (Essential reading!)

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Reports to back up the proposal (Essential reading!)

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Click on the weblink below for the LDF Core Strategy Document to be submitted by Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council.

See page 57 - Policy 18 relating to the number of residential and transit pitches for the Borough and where such provisions for travellers planning applications will be given planning consent. Not everyone seems to be aware of the implications that this document sets out which was agreed to by the Council members on 28th October 2008 and followed up with a public consultation period that ended last Friday 12th Dec and also open for discussion at the Community Forum held at Bagworth on Thursday 27th November. I heard about this meeting by word and mouth only.The full implications i.e. planning permissions for travellers sites would be given in accordance with Policy 18 of the above document were not universally known i.e. consent will be given applications within settlement boundaries. The unadopted minutes of this meeting are attached (Community Forum). The numbers of pitches for the Borough and the County come from the GTAA (Gypsy & Travellers Accomodation Assessments) which can be found on page 122 of the document on the link below.

The above link indicates the maximum number of transit pitches that would be required in the period 2008/11 as required by the GTAA. The link below is the Governments amendment to the GTAA figures which transform those figures in to the minimum number of pitches.

The GTAA's are not final documents and will be subject to constant revision based upon ongoing need. This need will increase if more travellers arrive in response to transit sites being made available. It is rather like the building of motorways to reduce congestion and travel time only led to more traffic and a bigger problem. The link below is an authoritative study by Birmingham University published by the BSHF British Social Housing Foundation which looks at the progress of the GTAA's highlighting some key weaknesses which could be useful if required to challenge the science and methodology behind them. The study reveals weakness and also shows the bias of the study itself. i.e. should there be a distinction between need, demand and desire. and so on.

The following link shows a review of the GTAA's by the same authors as above and further demonstrates both weakness and positive bias that could be used to challenge the science and methodology of the GTAA's. It enables holes to be picked in the sample rate of some GTAA's (ie Lincoln) and also demonstrates bias and overcatering for desires rather than need (i.e. Bricks and mortar movement to, but not movement from or desires to do so.

Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council are to vote on January 20th 2009 on the preferred options i.e. precise site allocations of both transit and residential pitches in the borough. The public consultation on where these go begins Jan 27th after the council has already made its mind up where they are going. The need for the borough to allocate numbers derived from the GTAA's are in accordance with the requirements of the housing act 2004 and it's Core Strategy is in compliance with a very wooly Core Strategy RSS8 document (East Midlands Regional Plan) published by the Regional Assembly in 2005. A partial review of this was conducted this year and open for public consultations which closed on Friday 17th October 2008. Where were we informed, nothing on notice boards, nothing through letter box and this is where the key opportunities arise.. The EMRA website does not appear to contain information about representations made by H&BBC re pitch numbers or what meeting took place if any to discuss this or the Secretary of States proposed changes.
. Press release. Partial review no mention of travellers under housing Page 7 or the weblinks on page 8 or the Secretary of States proposed changes dated July 2008. This partial review document was published in October 08 The full RSS8 Document 2005
I may be blind, but I cannot see a reference to travellers only a wooly reference to social exclusion on page 14.
As far as housing allocations are concerned the emphasis is on Urban rather than Rural development. Page 16.

If you want to be kept up to date on important issues the following link with give you everything you need or at least what they think you should need to know.

Thee following links will take you directly to Circular 1/2006 the documents which everyone is referring to when looking for or catering for travellers sites. It neither states where the emphasis should be rural or urban or give a mandate to act irresponsibly and is not an Act of Parliament, but merely guidelines. Planning Sites
Gives you an idea how many bodies represent the travellers but who represents the settled community?. Impact Assessment.

HINCKLEY AND BOSWORTH COMMUNITY PLAN 2007 - 2012 link below See section 6. Priorities 7, 12 & 13 and try to justify their current housing policy re allocations

Useful link to Local Development Framework guide and other features.

Caravan and Sites Data

Statutory obligation for Travellers Needs Assessment incorporated in to Housing Act.

Commencement of Sections within 2004 Housing Act

Was this a lost opportunity at County Hall to refine the criteria for finding traveller sites?
or this?

Did anyone see this notice?

Hinckley & Bosworth report SC115 April 2007 GTAA and requirements under housing act.


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