prototype for "have your say letter"?

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prototype for "have your say letter"?

Post by grobymrs67 on Fri Jan 30, 2009 9:07 am

hi does anyone have a prototype letter with all the valid points why we shouldn't have a travellers camp in Groby? I only ask because i don't want to fire a letter off that may not count if worded wrong, thanks Rolling Eyes


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Re: prototype for "have your say letter"?

Post by jwest on Wed Feb 04, 2009 5:35 am

Ive been pondering over this, and to be honest until HBBC actually release the Prosposals and all documentation on the 9th February im not sure exactly what im/we're objecting too.

We know the Anstey Road site will be in the document, but then so will the Leicester Road and Sacheverall Way sites too??.

My personal strategy will be to get the 'final 'document, read and digest, go to the Groby college roadshow - pick the planners brains, probe with questions, then bombard them with watertight letters of objection (handwritten of course). What i wont be doing is using the online system for objecting, as that will just get consolidated into a convienient summary. I want HBBC planners to be wading through a sea of objections which will have to go to the secretary of state to view as well.

There will be guidance on this site, and no doubt through Residents Group news letters in due course, but first we have to know exactly what were objecting about.

In the meantime feel free to send emails and letter to HBBC telling them that Groby cant take anymore developments etc, but they wont be included as part of the consulation process.


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