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Dear Mr Atkinson,

First of all, I would like to thank you for the workshop that you presented to the residents of groby last night at the Community College. Im sure that some of those who attended left with more information than they had previously learned.

I am not one of those people.

In my opinion, the whole presentation was unprofessional and put simply, a shambles!!!

It seemed that no preparation was made in what was and should have been a VERY important meeting.
Yes you had maps located around the hall, with staff answering questions, but when questions were put to Mr Prowse (rumour has it, that he is something to do with planning) he seemed to stumble around the place and struggle to present his answers in a way that people could understand..
Maps were shown on the projector...Now those people who can read maps easily could follow what and where things were, but people in the audience struggled to follow.
On the projection (which was the main presentation) sites that were being discussed, should have been made clear with the use of a pointing aid (such as a laser pen) OR the person using such a device be able to use one.
Maps are fabulous when used properly and make a lot of unclear things, clear!!

A lot of the time over the evening, I struggled to hear what was being said by the officers presenting or the people who were invited to ask questions.
May I suggest that you could have used a microphone that was actually switched on or turned up.
A cordless microphone could have been used for the residents asking questions.

In the presentation, your information regarding numbers of pitches and numbers of caravans was unclear. A mistake had been made on the projection notes (which was acknowledged by yourself), but in all fairness, should have been corrected when the notes were put together....PREPARATION!!
I would like to think that this wasn't done purposely, in order to confuse people.

When I say confuse (or telling little fibs) I refer to comments made about the site on Anstey Lane, by Mr Prowse regarding who put this site forward. Was it Groby Parish Council? Was it certain individuals within the Parish Council? Was it the land owner of the site on Anstey Lane? The cows in the next field?
Mr Prowse told us what he thought, which was a little porky!!

Im glad that the residents of Groby had the chance to voice any opinions regarding the propsals for housing and gypsy/traveller needs in our village, which by now i am sure you are aware, couldn't cope with extra houses/people using the over subscribed facilities here.
I just wish that the whole presentation was a little better.

This is what you are paid to do.

If other people in other jobs made certain mistakes, i'm sure they wouldn't last long!!

Please feel free to email me and ask any questions you may have about this presentation lark, as it is someting I have done before and have got experience in showing children what to do.
I could have brought some of my students along and shown them what not to do!!

Thank for you any time taken in reading this email.

Kind regards.

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